Stea is the world government who are in charge of the world and helping other people but the government had became a corrupt government whose goals now is taking total control of the world. The leader of the government is Amaterasu Miko who was the cause of the government corruptness.


The Stea Republic was a normal government who help people with crime and o-parts. Kirin and Amidaba used to work they. When Miko became leader, she made the worker to find the other angel so she can complete Kabbalah and so far made copys to find the others. In the end of the series the government was destroyed by the Orpah Crew.


Stea Republic
Miko Dofuwa Ponzu Mishima
Amaterasu Miko Dofuwa Longinus Ponzu Mishima Kagesuge
Tsubame2 Barisu
Tsubame Barisu