A former chief executive[1] of the Zenom Organization. He joined the organization because of his deep hatred for the Stea Republic after he watched his parents being murdered by government soldiers when he was a child, and because of this, he joined Zenom to overthrow the Stea Republic. His O-Part is Race, and its effects are Handling and Ice. He used to believe that only material things exist, and that things such as feelings and heart were not real, and he froze his parents' bodies in ice as proof of their existence. After he fought with Jin and had his O-Part broken in the Rock Bird arc, he saw the error of his ways and left Zenom, barely escaping Kujaku, who tried to stop him by killing him. Post-timeskip his O-Part is not only repaired, but appears to have received a considerable upgrade. He is seen training with Kaito and has helped Kaito save Yuria, from Zenom.
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