O-Part Shin
Kanji/Kana 神(シン)
Rōmaji Kami (Shin)
O-Part Rank SS
Effect Force-Field, Soul-absorbing Laser, and others
User Stea Republic
Debut Chapter 4

Shin (神(シン), Kami (Shin) is a gigantic SS-rank O-Part that resembles an aircraft. It is a flying-Type O-Part. Shin is associated with the Kabbalah and is used to control the Kabbalah's power and to commence Armageddon. Even the Stea Government doesn't know its true power and the number of effects it have. One of the effects is Force-Field, which allows it to create a strong force barrier around it to protect it from attacks.

Amaterasu Miko later assimilated her conscience into the O-Part so as to take dominion over the world.