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Kanji/Kana サマエル
Rōmaji Samaeru
Symbol 5 justice
Number 5
Virtue Justice
Relation Rock
Status Sealed
Debut Chapter 71

Samael (サマエル, Samaeru) is the 5th angel of the Kabbalah


This angel was found by Rock of Zenom, while a foot soldier in a Stea Republic raid. Embedded in his right eye, Samael is seemingly able to pull the demons from out of the Reverse Kabbalah and to fight for him. It appears to grant him the ability to detect Kabbalah and Reverse Kabbalah nuclei. During his fight with Jio, Jin and Zero, Samael has demonstrated the ability to control the "Twelve Watchers", twelve triangular prisms telepathically controlled and rearranged to form attacking beams. Like many other Angels and Demons, Samael is able to regenerate its body. Its true power is telepathy, which enables the Angel to predict movements and read minds. Ultimately, Jio is able to pluck the nucleus from Rock's eye.