Sabaki 32845
Kanji/Kana サバキ
Rōmaji Sabaki
Gender Male
Debut Chapter 2

Sabaki (サバキ, Sabaki) is the greedy man who hired OPTs to take out Lang in the Thorn Ruins to get the supposed O-parts that Sabaki believed to be in the ruins. He was obsessed with getting the O-parts. He had followers only because his money power which enabled him to hire strong OPTs. He also has a pet snake named Meek which he has trained to kill and eat people that he wants.




Sabaki hired OPTs to take out Sabaki who was hindering his search for the rumored A-rank O-parts housed in the Thorn Ruins. He was first seen in his house, were he was looking at a photo of a crater, which until recently was a village. Sabaki said he found an A-rank rock-looking O-Part that he sold to the mayor of the town, but due him hiring and untalented OPT, he blow the himself and the whole village. His glass was being filled with wine by his servant, but he spilled some of it. He then asked his pet, Meek, if he have eaten today and to go and eat that servant and Meek eaten him up.

Later when the Umbrella Brothers returned and asked to be paid if he want to continue hiring them, he told them he never hired them in the first place and they were simply tests for the new person he hired, Jin, who killed them

Sabaki showed up later while Jin and Jio were still fighting and for his surprise Jin still haven't killed Lang and shot him in the leg, because he wanted to play more with him. He went inside the thorns were he found were Jio and Jin were fighting and shot Jio. Though barely grazing Jio's shoulder, it distracted him from the battle with Jin and Jin was able to stab Jio with Ashura. That angered Jin, who asked Sabaki why did he interfered in his fight, to which Sabaki replied that there are no rules in fighting.

After Jio and Jin's fight, Sabaki went out of the burning thorns, were he pointed again his gun at Lang. Lang asked him to stop all of this, as his former research partner, but Sabaki replied that he won't stop as long as he have money and in that moment the master of the thorny vines came from the sky and grabbed him. He started telling the bird to let him go, since he is not food and it will give her piles of money, but the bird took him in the sky with her.