Kanji/Kana ぽんず
Rōmaji Ponzu
Gender Female
Height n/a
Weight n/a
demon Lilith
O-Parts n/a
Debut n/a

Ponzu (ぽんず, Ponzu) is a legendary hacker that Cross sought out for detailed information on Satan. She accompanied him back to the Shin and helped to answer his questions. She loves to bathe. Post time-skip finds her still on the Shin under the command of Miko. It has been revealed that she had the No. 9i Devil, Lilith implanted into her body. "Lilith" has the ability to cause others to go berserk when they look into her eyes, and can cause cellular instability, which can kill anyone except for people with regenerative abilities. Her nucleus, however, was pulled out by Cross. It has also become known that she is in love with Cross and has apparently joined up with him, Ruby, Futomomotarou and Spika, becoming one of the Crew Of the Orphan. Ponzu tries to warn Jio that he is not an ordinary container and not to go into the Kaballah, but she is too late as the Kaballah already devoured him. Ponzu is also hightly attractive and carefree about what she wears.


Ponzu's personality can be a bit contradictory at times, for example trying to use rather lustful and/or reckless tactics despite her intellect, for example she tends to flirt and willingly took the nuciel of Lilith into herself. She has no problem in wearing revealing attire in front of others and appears to do it for no other reason than to see their reaction. She has a crush on Cross that later spouted into a romance. She enjoys bathing stating that she takes two baths a day and doesn't mind bathing naked in front of Cross. She also has a slight affinity with cats, going so far as to design a hacking tail cord for her costume and later even became for catlike after the time skip.