Crew of ophan(666Satan)
Orpah Crew or as known as the Crew of the Orphan, is a group of O-Parts hunters who hunt down O-Parts and try to stop Stea Republic and Zenom Organization from getting Kabbalah. The team was called by this was because of the o-part their use for transportation is a flying space ship that take them anyway they want. The leader of the crew is unknown but it is hint that it is Kirin or Amidaba.



The crew transport

The group was form when Jio, Ruby, Ball, and Kirin got an o-part that is a ship and called Orpah and was known by that. Four years later the crew get a new bigger ship that is like a battle ship that fly in the sky and after being gone for years, they get back together and stop Stea and Zenom. In the end of the series, the team were disbanded.


There are about nine members in the Crew who some of them used to work for the Stea but join the Orpah for they own reasons.

Orpah Crew
Jio 17 Ruby -cantinho da drw- Ball Kirin
Jio Freed Ruby Crescent Ball Kirin
Amidaba2 Jin Zero Mei
Amidaba Jin Zero Mei
Futomomotarou Jajamaru Jojomaru
Futomomotarou Jajamaru Jojomaru