Kanji/Kana メタトロン
Rōmaji Metatoron
Symbol 1 crown
Number 1
Virtue Crown
Relation Cross Biancina
Status sealed
Debut Chapter 51 (half transformation)
Chapter 60 (full transformation)

Metatron is the first Angel of the Kabbalah.


Thirteen years prior to the start of the story, the Stea Republic recovered the strongest Angel, Metatron, in the form of a two year-old child, later known as Cross. Using Sandalphon, the 10th Angel, as the template for the S-rank O-Part, Solomon's Key, Stea hoped to quickly develop the Angel's powers, even using a false family as a means to promote transformation. However, Satan, the 1st Demon of the Reverse Kaballah, destroyed the false family to prevent Metatron (who was his greatest rival) from developing his potential. At the conclusion of the Rock Bird City tournament, Cross was reunited with Sandalphon (Ruby) and Solomon's Key.

Burning Eyes

365.000 Burning Eyes

After the 4 year time skip and freed from thoughts of revenge and hatred, Cross's powers increase exponentially. In a confrontation with another angel, Michael, the Angel demonstrated the ability to fully transform and unleash the "365,000 Burning Eyes" beams of light to decimate his target.