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O-Part Messiah
Kanji/Kana メサイヤ
Rōmaji Mesaiya
O-Part Rank A
Effect Particle Laser & High-Speed Movement
User Avilance Brothers
Debut Chapter 4

Messiah (メサイヤ, Mesaiya) is an mecha-like O-Part that is used by the Avilance Brothers. The O-Part have 2 effect: Particle Laser and High-Speed Movement, thus it can be extremely fast and is able to shoot lasers to destroy it's target. The O-Part is intended for 2 people and it cannot be used by only 1 person, which makes it perfect for Avilance Brothers. In order to use it and control it, they must enter in it, where there are seats and to control it from inside. The big brother of Avilance Brothers is in charge of the attack effect, while the younger brother is in charge of the movement effect. The O-Part was destroyed by Cross Biancina, who came after the criminals Avilance Brothers and passed his divine judgement upon them and cut the O-Part into pieces using his O-Part, Justice.