Ponzu Transformed
Kanji/Kana リリス
Rōmaji Ririsu
Symbol 9 chaos
Number 9i
Virtue Chaos
Relation Ponzu
Status Sealed
Debut Chapter 64

Lilith (リリス, Ririsu) is the 9th demon of the Reverse Kabbalah.


After the time-skip it was revealed that Ponzu the hacker has received the nucleus of Lilith of Instability, out of her love for Cross (and possible hatred for Ruby). Her full form is a semi serpent woman with holes in the skin, face covered by a helmet with holes two large black wings with two eyeballs and the size of her breasts are not reduced after the transformation. Liliths main ability was hypnosis, allowing her to control anyone (including angels), for instance she attempted to use this power to seduce Cross but in the end failed. Lilith can also cause cellular instabilization via darts, which can kill anyone without regenerative ability. The nucleus of Lilith was removed from Ponzu by Cross and inserted into the reverse Kabbalah.