666Satan 03 50
O-Part Leviathan
Kanji/Kana リバイアサン
Rōmaji Ribaiasan
O-Part Rank C
Effect Water
User Satan (Fake)
Debut Chapter 1

Leviathan (リバイアサン, Ribaiasan) is an O-Part gun belonging to 'Baldy' which pulls water from the atmosphere to shoot as bullets and doesn't require reloading. The water is capable of breaking rocks. The bullets can be collected in 1 place and create a bigger bullet, which can then be hit with another bullet and bounce into different direction, thus shooting behind edges. Those big bullets can also entrap enemies head and suffocate them, although the enemy can easily drink the water. It is said that as it is a gun, if the effect wasn't water, it would be a higher rank.