The Kabbalah, also known as The Light Kaballah, is a storage unit for the ten Angels. It initiates a great power when all Angels are stored inside of it. When combined with the Reverse Kabbalah, it can initiate Armaggedon through Shin. The Angels have lasting rivalries with the demons.

Along with the Reverse Kabbalah, Alkaid Spirit used the two to rule the world in the past.


Light Kabbalah
Jbjvhjvh Raziel No-Image Zero
Metatron 1 Raziel 2a Jophiel 3 Zadkiel 4
576 71 FCIWT 666satan 071-46-png Micheal transformed Haniel No-Image
Samael 5 Michael 6 Haniel 7a Raphael 8
No-Image Sanaphlon
Gabriel 9 Sandalphon 10