Kanji/Kana ハミエル
Rōmaji Hamieru
Symbol 7 eternity
Number 7
Virtue Eternity
Status Sealed
Debut Chapter 29 (silhouette)
Chapter 30 (full body)

Haniel (ハミエル, Hamieru) is the 7th angel of the Kabbalah.


It is rumored that the first army sent to capture this Angel was completely wiped out. It broke out of its containment chamber before being subdued by Mishima. He later is seen stealing a copy of the Kabbalah.


Haniel itself resembles a giant humanoid lizard like creature out of the most of all the other Angels. Having a giant pale white skinned lizard head with a couple of distinguishing figures on his face, four sets of tiny dark black holes on the left and right sides of his neck, two big blank white eye sclera with two long parallel markings around them, a double arrow like marking on his forehead, a double arrow like marking on his upper left and right shoulders, a very large double arrow like marking in the center of his upper chest, three pale white fingered wings on his upper back, a pale white skinned human like body and a magical halo on the top of it's head. Nothing else is known about Haniel or his copy of the Kabbalah.

Powers and Abilities

When Haniel was seen trying to break out of the Kabbalah, he was seen sticking out his right hand to reach out of his containment chamber, and in the process, kill off a stea government soldier with his psychic powers. Clenching his right hand to kill him, Kazu Yamaya and Mishima as well. Causing them to get server headache pains and nearly killing them with his powers. But was quickly stopped by Mishima's positron shot.