Franken Schultz (フランケン=シュレッツ, Furanken Shurettsu) is a guardian that looks like a robot with a large mask for a face. The other guardians call him Mr. Franken. Recently, it was revealed that the robot is an operated O-Part and a brain inside is the O.P.T. controlling it. Franken claims to have once been an ultimate warrior, and it was his father, Professor Brownie Schultz, who turned Franken into an O.P.T. Additionally, it seems that Amidaba knows Professor Schultz. Franken has displayed very strong abilities, such as the power to spin very rapidly, destroying objects. He can also shoot masks out of his mouth that fit onto people's faces and take control of their body, and he can use this ability to destroy people's bodies by literally tearing them apart. Also, it appears his O-Part can hold demons. He also keeps a number of masks that allow him to change effects when worn, such as fire and ice. He used to be a human child with a very sickly body and it was predicted that he would not live to the age of 10. His father created the O-Part body for him to allow him to live, but after Ball defeated Franken, Professor Schultz killed him, saying that Franken's brain had already reached its limit and he would have died soon anyway.