Kanji/Kana バルサ
Rōmaji Barisu
Gender Male
Debut Chapter 4
Affiliation Government of Stea

Balsa (バルサ, Barisu) is part of Government of Stea and is 2nd in command on Shin, after Cross Biancina. Later when Cross defected, Balsa took the full command of Shin.




Balsa was first seen on Shin, where they were going after strong O-Parts, and telling the OPTs to be prepared, since they are getting close to a A rank O-Part. Sherry told him that he is pushing his workers to the limit, but he told her that she must call him Vice Commander when they are on the ship. Little before sending the squad down, they saw that a kid was standing on the edge of the ship. Balsa saw that this was Cross and ordered to abort the dispatch of the squad, since they won't be needed. When Cross defeated the Avilance Brothers, Balsa welcomed by bowing down, Cross when he boarded again the ship.

Later at the headquarters of Government of Stea, Balsa was riding the elevator together with Cross, when he commented that they had trouble salvaging high-ranked O-Parts, since Cross was destroying them. And because of that the job of Government of Stea can't be done, since they can't research the O-Parts. But Cross told him that it must be hard for him, to pay respect to a kid like him. Balsa wondered if he was making fun of him and that he was just hired for his combat skills. But Cross told him that he has no interest of ordering him around, and that his reason to be commander is because using Shin, he have a higher chance of finding Satan and kill him.

During the Rock-Bird arc, he even fired Shin's soul-absorbing laser at the city, not caring about whether or not Cross would survive. After Cross defected from Stea post-timeskip, Balsa took his place as commander of Shin. However, it wasn't long before Miko uploaded her consciousness into the Shin, taking over Balsa's body and using his body to still maintain control of those on-board without revealing her nature as the Shin itself.