Avilance Brothers
Avilance Brothers
Kanji/Kana アビランス兄弟
Rōmaji Abiransu Kyōdai
Gender Males
O-Parts Messiah
Debut Chapter 4
Affiliation Zenom Syndicate

Avilance Brothers (アビランス兄弟, Abiransu Kyōdai) are 2 O.P.Ts who are famous criminals from Zenom Syndicate with a bounty of 5 million kiras for illegal use and ownership of a Rank A O-Part, along with class A destruction of property.


The brothers are skinny guys, wearing no top cloth and only pants. They are mostly bald, but still have long braid-looking hairstyle that is connected to each other. They also seems to have black lipstick. The both have only one eye and the bigger brother have an left eye, while the younger have an right eye. They both also have a tattoo's on their forehead, which reads Big Brother on the bigger brother's forehead and Young Brother on the younger brother's forehead.


They are quite sadistic and crazy, loving to kill just for fun. The bigger brother, since it sits above his younger brother, have a habit of constantly kicking his brother on the head, especially when he wants him to do something or get excited. That naturally annoys the younger brother.


The brothers were seen destroying 2 Anti-O-Part Kirika vehicles from Government of Stea. But moments later they saw Governments Shin flying above them. They tried to shoot it, but Shin used his force shield and was able to block their laser. Moments later, when the Government was about to send units after them, Cross Biancina jumped down from Shin. The brothers got excited, awaiting him hitting the ground and turning into goo, but for their surprise he rode the wind and landed normally. Cross told them that he will pass his judgement upon them, but that only made them laugh. He initiated his effect and created fog around them, then was showed them his 5 O-Parts, Justice, which made them laugh again, since they know those are weak O-Parts. They got serious and initiated they effect too and shot a particle laser towards Cross, but using his wind effect, he went towards them and sliced their laser in two and second later slicing their O-Part to pieces, presuming them too.


  • Messiah: an mecha-like A rank O-Part that have 2 effect: Particle Laser and High-Speed Movement, thus it can be extremely fast and is able to shoot lasers to destroy it's target. The O-Part is intended for 2 people and it cannot be used by only 1 person, which makes it perfect for Avilance Brothers. In order to use it and control it, they must enter in it, where there are seats and to control it from inside. The big brother of Avilance Brothers is in charge of the attack effect, while the younger brother is in charge of the movement effect.