O-Part Ashura
Kanji/Kana 阿修羅(アシュラ)
Rōmaji Ashura
O-Part Rank B
Effect Flame
User Jin
Debut Chapter 3

Ashura (阿修羅(アシュラ), Ashura) is a large sword that belongs to Jin which has the effect of releasing fire. Jin's spirit and hatred towards Jio have changed the O-Part effect into a black flame, after he forgives Jio, Jin can use a much more powerful blue flame which is at the maximum heat that fire can burn at.


This sword has a flame only effect. The kind of flames depends on a persons heart and the heat also depends on the skill of the OPT. Jin at first used a black flame because of the hatred in his heart, this black flame would burn until it consumed whatever it was burning and would not go out. The next time, however, when Jio watched Jin's fight with Shuri in Rock Bird City he saw that the flames had become blue which are the hottest flames that can exist. Kirin said that the color (heat) of the flame must show how talented the O.P.T. that is using it is.

Special Skills (attacks)

These are different attacks the user can use to use the effect of the O-part to a better extent.

Black Flame Skills

  • Black Flame Pillar (黒炎柱, Kokuenchyū): A technique that creates a black flame pillar send forwards that burns everything in its path.
  • Black Flame Dragon (黒炎竜, Kokuenryū): A move in which Jin extends his O-Part sword with the assistance of the black flame's heat in order to pierce his enemy. The technique also uses his black flame, which will burn everything that it touches and can't be extinguished.

Blue Flame Skills

  • Snake of Flame- This is a big attack that can create one or more snakes made of blue fire that Jin can control to attack an opponent.
  • Giga Pennu- This releases a lot of high temperature blue flames