Amaterasu Miko
Kanji/Kana アマテラス=ミコ
Rōmaji Amaterasu Miko
Gender Female
Age n/a
Eyes n/a
Hair n/a
Relatives n/a
Affiliation Stea Republic

Amaterasu Miko (アマテラス=ミコ, Amaterasu Miko) is the President of Stea Republic and the main antagonist (although Lucifer took her place in the last chapter) of the series. She desires a world in which she is immortal and all thoughts are unified under her own. Often seen with a giant white tiger, although it is revealed that the body seen with the tiger is merely a robot formed of O-Parts. In reality, she had transferred her consciousness into the flying ship O-Part, Shin. After Stea's main base was attacked, Miko/Shin fled and dissolved Stea, taking over the body of Barisu to form a group composed of those on-board (including Ponzu). Placing some of her consciousness in Ponzu, she took over the body of Baku and stole the second half of the Legendary O-Part when Jio knocked it from Sect Crescents hands. Upon joining the two halves of the Legendary O-Part, the Kaballah and the Reverse Kaballah merged to form the true core of Shin, transforming its appearance. Proceeding to absorb all of the angels and demons present, Miko prepared to absorb all life (information and memory) on the planet and destroy the planet, aiming to achieve her goal of unifying all thoughts. Jio entered the core of the true Shin and battled the spiritual body of Miko, finally destroying it and erasing Miko's consciousness.