Demon No 7 Adramelech by Azmodan01
Kanji/Kana アドラマレク
Rōmaji Adoramareku
Symbol 8 avarice
Number 8i
Virtue Avarice
Relation Kujaku
Status Sealed
Debut Chapter 68(half transformation)

Adramelech (アドラマレク, Adoramareku) is the 8th demon of the Reverse Kabbalah.


Kujaku found the nucleus containing this demon inside the headstone of his mother's grave and embedded it in his right arm, gaining the power needed to defeat his brother Kirin for his father's approval. Besides the ability to attack with tendrils, it has the power of deconstruction at the molecular level, saving it from most physical attacks. The nucleus is recovered by Slim Joker of Zenom.